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Island Hopping
Newcastle, Australia

The trip to New Zealand was amazing. The cape at the far NW is Cape Regina which is where a small lighthouse keeps a vigilant watch over the merging of the Tasman Sea and the Pacific Ocean.

I have since moved on to Australia where an overnight in Sydney lead on to the AU Easter Camp which was held in the beautiful wilderness just north of the city on an island in the middle of the huge outlet for the Hawkesburry River.

Now I’m in the lovely company of my Australian family in my “hometown” of Newcastle, just 2 hours north of Sydney. It’s like San Diego to LA, both in distance and the feel of a small city so close to a major metropolitan hub.

But fear not fellow travelers, the adventure continues next week as I head back down to Sydney and continue on to Melbourne on the overnight train. There I will meet with Carl and Pete and we’re off to the Wilsons Prom Wilderness for a few days walkabout!

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