Sudwest Afrika

This trip to Namibia in Africa was pretty incredible. It’s a long haul to get down there but once there the long flights are quickly forgotten. Namibia has some diverse environments. We started our trip on the coast in Swakopmund and drove north to the controversial seal colony that stunk to high heaven, but was very interesting to see. From there we drove inland to the capital Windhoek to see a little more cosmopolitan version of the country for some meetings. Finally, for the bulk of the trip we flew north to the Caprivi region where we went on game tracking walks, learned about how the local community manages its own natural resources, went on safari drives and boat rides, dugout canoe trips, visited a local chief, crossed over to Botswana and saw lots of wildlife. And this isn’t even the high season to see wildlife. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to get back there when literally thousands of animals can be seen at once. Naturally, there are photos and videos. Click to the full story for the first video of the coastal visit. Stay tuned to my YouTube channel for more.

The Roof of Africa

Six days – five days of climbing and acclimating and one day to get down.

Kilimanjaro has no technical aspect to it and thus enters the debate of being labeled either a climb or a hike. If I had my way, it would just be called a hike, but “climbing Kilimanjaro” has a better ring to it than “hiking Kilimanjaro.”

Regardless, in the end you still end up at 5,985m (19,341ft) atop Uhuru Peak amongst the receding glaciers and upon the highest point in Africa, not to mention, the highest free standing volcano in the world.

One Day Safari

I arrived in Tanzania a day before our Kilimanjaro ascent and joined with Eric, a member of our party to explore Arusha National Park. In Swahili ‘safari’ just means ‘travel’ but the word has evolved to mean a trip through the jungle to see animals. In this case, we departed on our one-day safari from Moshi at the base of Kilimanjaro and drove in an extended Toyota Land Cruiser to Arusha NP where our guide, Louis, opened the roof and drove us through the park where we saw all sorts of wildlife roaming free and doing what they do.