Tele Part II

It was an all day event. Departing Berkeley at 6am, Mark and I caravaned up with a family he met while doing a newspaper…

Telemark Skiing

Telemark skiing feels as beautiful and as graceful as it looks, even for somebody just getting the knack of it for the first time….

Europe: Tour, Symphony, Ski, Reunion

040103-europe-091-chrisWe had great week in Austria, taking day trips to Ljubljana and Bratislava, and then bringing in the new year in Graz, with Alastair. The three of us then headed to Western Austria to ski!

Chris and I took the train into Germany to hunt down our long lost classmates from 20 years ago!

Visa Trip… and skiing!

It all started as a simple week long trip to New Zealand so Jason could get his Australian Visa. Well, needless to say, when…

Backcountry Skiing

My weekend was great. Admittedly we spent a fair chunk of the time in the car getting there, and even having to make adjustments…