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100 Mile White Mountain Ski Tour
White Mountains, Alaska, United States

Although the calendar said it was the end of winter and the start of spring, Alaska clearly wasn’t paying attention. Nathaniel and I got a later than expected start (which we will find will actually become our norm) and we had to ski through a windy and dark -40F to make it to our first cabin. We only dared stop for mere moments to sip hot tea from an insulated bottle (our water bottles, though in an insulated pouch, had frozen solid) and split a large chocolate muffin. Yes, it was wicked cold at times and the wind was often howling, but it was beautiful. The photos (see more by clicking on this photo) and the video below will never do that beautiful landscape justice. But, come have a look and make this journey with us as best as we can share it.

If you’re looking to head into the Whites for your own adventure, contact:
Collin Cogley – BLM / 907.474.2382

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4 thoughts on “100 Mile White Mountain Ski Tour

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  2. glenmore

    Very cool journal. I fly over that area quite a bit in the winter (and summer I suppose) and the area from Mount Prindle west to the Elliot is one of my favorite areas to view.

  3. Janessa

    That’s a lot ‘o skiing, especially in the dark! Gotta hand it to you two…quite an adventure.


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