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Sail to Ski Norway
Alta, Norway

I haven’t done much sailing lately, and to be honest, I wasn’t at the helm or on the sheets much this trip. But it was still an incredible adventure to be a part of and to blend to things I really love. We boarded the boats in Alta—not the ski area in Utah—in the far northern reaches of Arctic Norway and set sail into the fjords.

The journey would last four days and each day, including the first day we were aboard, we stopped at the base of a good sized hill, loaded ourselves and our skis into the dinghy and then motored to shore where we would often have to cary our skis over the intertidal zone to the snow.

The sun didn’t set until 10pm and would rise again around 4am. It never got totally dark and our sleep schedule would be pretty erratic. Nevertheless, the trip was amazing. The story here is told in the photos below. Stay tuned for the full story to appear in some magazine as I continue to pitch it around.


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