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GoPro Mtn Games 2014
Vail, Colorado, United States

I’ve been having a bunch of fun making Instagram videos of late. I would say “quick” Instagram videos, but I don’t always turn them around as fast as I’d like. After the GoPro Mountain Games in Vail I had a bunch of footage after competing in three different events. We started the day paddling down Gore Creek. I managed to get a video of that published shortly after the weekend, but not the videos of the Bad Ass Dash obstacle course or the XC Mountain Bike race. Finally, those are done and if you didn’t catch them on Instagram, I’ve compiled the three into a YouTube video here:

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Winter Blue Adventure Race
Northstar-At-Tahoe, Sierra Mountains, California, United States

Adventure racing is taking on a new season: Winter! It was a ‘choose your own method of travel’ sort of race where competitors arrived with telemark skis, cross country skis, snowshoes and Airboards. Rick and I were there with Airboards, as Team Airboard, and found we were competitive with the other disciplines. There were 17 […]

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24-Hours of Adrenaline
Conyers, Georgia, United States

It was a mountain bike race like no other. Twenty-four hours of non-stop racing. The excitement kicked in immediately when I arrived. The rugged and technical eight-mile course was set in the hills and the varied terrain around Conyers, Georgia. The large sleek black trailer sporting the event logo and the many colorful tents of […]

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