Expedition Impossible Celebrates In Boulder

Team No Limits from Boulder hosted a huge party at the Lazy Dog Bar & Grill on Thursday night to watch the final episode of ABC’s Expedition Impossible TV competition show. No Limits was one of four teams to make it to the final episode as teams were eliminated over the previous few weeks. Also in attendance were The Gypsies the winners of the show.

Over 600 people purchased tickets to attend the event at The Lazy Dog and the proceeds, along with the silent auction, private donations and a percentage of beer sales, went to the two charities of choice, No Barriers USA and Free the Children.

Jeff Evans from Team No Limits spoke to the crowd as the episode started to air on the East Coast and implored everyone to stay off of Facebook and their mobile devices not to spoil the ending before or while the crowd was watching it here in Boulder. Each of the members of No Limits as well as The Gypsies had a chance to speak to the sea of fans gathered at the Lazy Dog to express their gratitude for everyone’s support. Some roasting went on as well as Jeff played a series of clips to highlight the athletic prowess of teammate Erik Weihenmayer. Erik got his revenge though in pointing out how he had perfect form on the Leap of Faith while Jeff had limbs going in every direction.

The Gypsies each took a turn expressing how the show and the making of it became much more than they expected by gaining such good friends in the members of Team No Limits. Expedition Impossible’s Executive Producer, Lisa Hennessy, was also in attendance and when she had the microphone she shared an email from a mom who used the show and Team No Limits as a character building moment for her son. In short, when the mom asked her son what he gained from watching the show he said he would strive to be brave like Erik, strong like Ike and compassionate and helpful like Jeff.

Once the show got started the crowd hushed in anticipation. The tension was felt by all as The Fab Three team clung to the heels of The Gypsies in the lead and No Limits lagged behind. But for every success of The Gypsies and No Limits including when Fab Three went astray the crowd would erupt in cheers and excitement for their teams.

At the very end, with Fab Three lost in Marrakech, Morocco, Team No Limits nearly caught up with The Gypsies and Taylor in one of the post interviews admitted concern of No Limits overtaking them as they struggled with the final puzzle, a Moroccan Lock Box. The Gypsies finally figured it out and kept their lead, though narrow to gain the prize and No Limits mad a strong second finish bringing the volume in the Lazy Dog to an unprecedented roar of joy and congratulation.

The previous episodes are available on Hulu.com and photos of the Lazy Dog party can be found at offyonder.com. Stay tuned to Elevation Outdoors for an interview with blind adventurer Erik Weihenmayer.

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Adventure Correspondent Cameron L. Martindell is a freelance adventure travel and expedition writer, photographer and filmmaker who founded Offyonder.com in 2000. He has contributed to Elevation Outdoors Magazine, The Gear Junkie, National Geographic, The Christian Science Monitor, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Outside, Backpacker, Wired, Australian Geographic, Mountainzone.com and others. He has been to all seven continents and lived on five of them, including a four-month stint at the South Pole. Cameron has more than 10 years of mountain search and rescue experience, is an Eagle Scout, has been an Australian bush firefighter, competes in sailing regattas, plans national and international youth programs, guides Oregon rafting trips and Australian bush backpacking trips.


  1. I loved these guys from day 1. Both teams, actually. I watched every episode and could not help but be amazed and impressed by both teams' athletic prowess and teamwork. Neither team ever got upset with each other, and their teamwork paid off in the end. Congratulations go out to both teams!

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