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CS Sentinel Interview: Beauty
Boston, Massachusetts, United States

I was recently interviewed by Kim Shippey, a senior editor at the Christian Science Sentinel about my views on beauty. It stemmed from my work as a photographer, but as you’ll see if you read the interview it gets deeper than that.

Anyway, requests have been made to get prints for the photo published in the Sentinel, so here it is. Just click on the photo and it will take you to where this photo can be purchased along with a gallery of images that were either mentioned in the interview or considered as candidates of ‘beauty’ as I saw it.

The full article appears in the 20/27 July (double issue) Sentinel on Beauty. It may eventually be available on the Sentinel website:

Feel free to leave comments below, but if you want to let the Sentinel know they’ve done good, drop them a line.

2 thoughts on “CS Sentinel Interview: Beauty

  1. Jill

    Your article/interview in The Christian Science Sentinel was very inspiring and your photos are all extremely beautiful! I especially enjoyed reading how you are receptive by listening and being spiritually in tune to God's direction while you photograph, because you allow Him to lead you to behold and capture His beauty!!! Your website and all your travels and pics are truly remarkable! I have been to Iceland and I think that should be your next stop if you haven't been. I would love to see your visuals from Iceland!!! Thanks for sharing!

    Jill from

    Miami, FL

  2. Diane Ward

    I enjoyed your article in the SENTINEL and the photo, as well. THANKS!!

    I've also enjoyed going to this web site and seeing other trips you've taken. I have visited Australia, Tasmania and No. and So. New Zealand. Fascinating areas….all of them! Enjoyed your photos from there, too. (I've saved this SENTINEL!!)

    You've sure traveled in many places and in many modes of transport! My personal favorite is SAILING!

    Enjoy your "life of travel"!

    Diane Ward, St. Petersburg, Florida


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