Peru Prep

Double checking when departing for a trip like Peru is key. I nearly walked out of the house without my Marmot rain jacket. That would have been a bummer up on the mountain. I’m sure I could have rented one, and since I’m renting plastic boots, crampons, an ice axe and a harness as it is, they may have thrown it in for free… maybe.

But as I was doing my final FINAL sweep, I noticed I hadn’t packed my toothbrush! Agk! So, I threw it along with some paste and floss and a small bottle of Dr. Bronner’s in my “Toothcase” that I got from my dentist. I then promptly set it down and probably left it behind.

I got a ride up to LA because when I was trying to book my flight from San Diego, I was being routed through Atlanta! That’s a lot of extra air time I don’t need. Also, when I did a search for flights from LAX, an American Airlines flight came up, direct to Lima. But since LAN (a South American carrier that code-shares with American) did not show up on the search, I went directly to their website and found the same flight for $200 less. Boom.

So, the big plan, pending I’m not able to post again before I’m done:

Thursday – Fly to Lima (arrive at 12.30am Friday)
Friday – Visit my hosts boat yard where he builds custom catamarans
Saturday – Take 30 kids hiking up to a waterfall in the Andes for DiscoveryBound
Sunday – Church and Lima time
Monday – Get ready to go to Cuzco
Tuesday – Fly to Cuzco
Thursday-Sunday – Lares Trek/Local village visits
Tuesday (23 June-1 July) – Ausangate Trek
3 July – Back to USA

Stay tuned!

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