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Universal Studios Japan
Osaka, Japan

What originally started off as a trip for two to fill the dream for Miki to visit USJ, quickly evolved at the last minute to a group ordeal. Normally Kazunori works on Sundays but was able to get some time off to join the group and serve as driver for the long 3 hour haul […]

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That Is Japan (TIJ)
Yunoyama, Japan

“TIJ” – goes the saying, That is Japan. For the unexplainable, of which there is plenty in this world of extremes. Like the little car I drive, and all the little cars here have a “reverse beeper!” Look out, little car backing up! And there is not a “piece of crap” car on the roads […]

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Horse Jumping – Tado Style
Tado, Japan

This was one of the crazyist things I’ve ever seen done with a horse. I have to admit, I don’t have stacks of experience with horses, but this is really out there! This event is meant to predict, or encourage the coming year’s rice crop. I’m not sure which way the influence works, The test […]

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