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Final Touches: Kongakut River
Fairbanks, Alaska, United States

Car TetrisThe trip is on. I departed PDX at 9.30pm in the dark and chased the sun down by flying north and arrived in Anchorage around midnight where, though it was overcast, it was still dusk out.

Nathaniel Wilder with Sune and Lindsay Tamm picked me up and we stayed up until 2.30am catching up on all the corners of the world we had been to since seeing each other last, fully aware that we had the next 18 days to do this on the river and that we should get some much needed sleep.

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T-34a Mentor Flight
San Diego, California, United States

So, Dad flies with a group called San Diego Salute, which is a group of guys with T-34a Mentors who hire themselves out for air shows, flybys and scenic flights of the area. I’ve had the opportunity to fly with them twice now.

The first time I took some video, but mostly shot stills as the light was quite good. The second trip, the overcast sky made shooting stills less inspirational, but I had learned from my poor video footage to put a smarter piece together. So, the link below (or above – click the # above the image) is of stills from the first flight, and the video below is from the second flight.

If you want to know more about hiring this crew to do a flyby for you check them out at

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Wedding Flight
Pepperdine University, Los Angeles, California, USA

Frankie called me shortly after I got back from the Antarctic in March of 2006. “I’m engaged and the wedding is next January, will you be on the continent??” I had such a good time in Antarctica, I was considering another season on the ice. But with this call, my plans were firmly set on […]

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