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Kayak Fishing
Kachemak Bay, Homer, Alaska, United States

After getting off the Kongakut, rest certainly was not an option! We’re in Alaska for crying out loud! So, after the 6 hour drive from Fairbanks to Anchorage, we unpacked the car, re-packed the car, loaded kayaks, dropped off rented bear barrels at REI and started the 4 hour drive to Homer.

With the summer solstice having just passed by only the overcast sky really made it seem dark, but we never needed flashlights, even while setting tents up in the rain about halfway to Homer. We must have pulled into the campground around 1am and slept until 9am.

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The Hunt for Sea Turtles
Monterey Bay, California, United States

Patience is key in scientific research and no one knows that better than Scott Eckert and Peter Dutton. The two scientists and their crews have been researching the lifestyles of huge ocean faring sea turtles for years. On trips out to sea sometimes they find the giants sometimes they don’t. But they press on. When […]

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