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Yea, English!
Kuwana, Japan

A community center in Kuwana that we teach English at felt it necessary to take us English teachers out to lunch. It was a great meal of Udon noodles or Soba noodles accompanied by the usual array of Japanese side dishes: Tempura, Tsukemono (crunchy pickles), Miso soup, Sashimi (raw fish), Sushi rolls (raw fish rolled in rice and seaweed), Chawanmushi (a pot steamed hotch-potch), and various other dishes, the names of which I cannot release for national security reasons.

But, it was great fun and the members of the class tell us they enjoy the English class very much. Many of them are also avid followers! So, to the right, as recorded by phone, are a pair of pics proving it all truly happened!


3 thoughts on “Yea, English!

  1. charles winstead

    where are the pictures that you took using my phone, cam? it was a nice addition to an all ready awesome site:)

    1. offyonder Post author

      That is a good question. Will have to dig into the archives. I guess they didn't get transferred when I moved the site over to WordPress.

      1. charles winstead

        fair enough…i miss seeing my classes there. i hope they are doing well. last summer i went by some familiar sites, but to no avail did not see anyone except for one from isl. ce la vie.


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