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Turtle Talk
Takanabe & Kagoshima, Japan

In keeping with what has turned out to be somewhat of an island fetish, my trip down south to Kyushu, the southern most island of the main Japanese islands, I also visited Kagoshima, a small island even further south!

The main purpose of the trip was to see another friend from college teaching English in Miyazaki and to attend the conference held by the Sea Turtle Association of Japan where another friend of mine was invited from the US to give the keynote address (see turtle article below). More on that later.

For now, however, you’ll have to be patient as I work to get my digital photos from the trip up as I have less than 24 hours turnaround time before I head back to the airport on my way to China to visit our represenative in Shenyang, Everett “Walker” Griffiths.

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