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Meeting Folks
Seoul, South Korea

I made it to the flight no worries, but would have never expected what happened next.

While waiting for the plane to board, an American sitting next to me in the lobby asked me what I was carrying, pointing to my dijeridoo. So we started talking and found out we were both going to have long layover in Seoul, Korea. She had 9 hours on her way to Hawaii, and I overnight to Shenyang.

But there’s more! She, Suzanne, met two other gals on the plane sitting near her. One was Hiroko, a Japanese woman going to Seoul for a weeks vacation, the other, Jin from China who has been studying Japanese in Japan and also had an overnight layover.

So, the four of us, none knowing the other before this decided to hang out in Seoul, which worked out great for Suzanne and I as both of the Asian gals spoke Korean! On top of that, Hiroko is the owner of an English school in Gifu city, so she speaks English!

We had a great time, going to lunch and exploring the city. Poor Suzanne had to bail after lunch and catch her flight while the rest of us found a hotel to stash our stuff at and Jin and I were close to the Airport Bus Stop.

Now I’ve made it to Shenyang, and as it turns out, Jin was on the same flight as I so we were able to get seats together. But between Jin and I, the only common language was Japanese, neither of our native tongues. So, it provided for some creative conversation. But it all went smoothly and I briefly got to meet her family who were waiting for her at the airport.

Everett got there just after I had Jin help me sort out where a phone was so I could call and find out where he was because there was some confusion as to when my flight arrived. But not to fear, he found me, and we made it to one of the hotels serving a Turkey dinner tonight and I met some of Ev’s work mates.

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One thought on “Meeting Folks

  1. Suzanne

    Hey Cameron,
    I wonder if Hiroko & Jin know you have this up. It’s a good memory. And I do wish I could’ve hung out with you guys longer.
    Aloha, Suzanne


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