Europe: Tour, Symphony, Ski, Reunion

040103-europe-091-chrisWe had great week in Austria, taking day trips to Ljubljana and Bratislava, and then bringing in the new year in Graz, with Alastair. The three of us then headed to Western Austria to ski!

Chris and I took the train into Germany to hunt down our long lost classmates from 20 years ago!

The Big City

Contributed By Natalie The Japan I was introduced to is one of vast contrasts. Our trip to Tokyo only helped to confirm these impressions….

Hiroshima & Kyoto

The first trip Natalie and I took after she arrived was on the train south to Hiroshima. It was a pretty wet and gloomy…

The Grand Shrine

It’s about time I had a little slap in the face regarding Japanese culture. Coming to Japan, I knew things would be different. The…

Sea of Japan

With the limited weekend time I have, Saturday night to Monday afternoon, I decided to make a run for the border and see how…