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Final Touches: Kongakut River
Fairbanks, Alaska, United States

Car TetrisThe trip is on. I departed PDX at 9.30pm in the dark and chased the sun down by flying north and arrived in Anchorage around midnight where, though it was overcast, it was still dusk out.

Nathaniel Wilder with Sune and Lindsay Tamm picked me up and we stayed up until 2.30am catching up on all the corners of the world we had been to since seeing each other last, fully aware that we had the next 18 days to do this on the river and that we should get some much needed sleep.

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President’s Weekend Sierra Ski Trip
Carson Pass - June Mountain, Sierra Mountains, California, United States

What started off as a day a the ‘office’ up at Carson Pass testing our latest prototypes of snowshoes, turned into a great weekend of some in and out of bounds skiing and snowboarding. The story is in the photos… maybe something more will flush out here some day!

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Downunder Again!
North Cape, Auckland, New Zealand

March 26th will never really exist for me… at first glance I would claim this to be my third day lost to the ether of international dateline crossing, but really I gain it back by landing in the US before I depart when I return! After arriving in Auckland, the plan was to rent a […]

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Sea of Japan
Komono to Fukui, Japan

With the limited weekend time I have, Saturday night to Monday afternoon, I decided to make a run for the border and see how far I could get, and if I could get back in time for class! Well, the short of it is I did, and had an excellent trip to boot. To be […]

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California Coast Cycling
Route 1, Monterey-SLO, California, United States

The cycling trip kicked our butts. We had planned to cycle from San Francisco to Los Angles, but our time frame was marginalized by other occurrences. Secondly, we did a poor job researching how much vertical involvement there was with this trip. Especially in the section between Monterey and Point Sierra Nevada along Hwy. 1. […]

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