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Swiss Adventure: Bungee Jump (fall)
Mount Titlis, Engelberg, Switzerland

It wasn’t possible for all of the 600 delegates attending the Adventure Travel World Summit to participate in one of the many Pre-Summit Adventures like the one I shared in my last post. So, the first day of the summit is actually a “Day of Adventure” before filling the halls of the conference center for all the various sessions.

I was assigned to document the Bungee Jump. Or, as I indicate in the title, it was more of fall, or teeter. At the base of Mt. Titlis near the town of Engelberg south of Lucerne in Switzerland, we boarded a large rectangular cable car or gondola with a hole in the middle. I found out in a little video clip that I did (see below) that I was with a bunch of rookies. Nobody on this trip had ever been bungee jumping before. And, to complete the rookie-ness, I had never been either. The closest thing I’ve done like bungee jumping was the Canyon Swing just the day before as seen in the last video. Since we were “jumping” from a gondola, they asked us to just teeter forward and pivot over our feet to fall, not to jump and push the gondola away causing it to swing.

In looking back at it all, I can honestly say I was never afraid or nervous. I don’t know if it was because I had my photography and video work to keep me occupied or what. But I think it was because I totally trusted the system and our operators. They provided a good safety briefing before we boarded the gondola and I saw them go through their safety checklist before each person took the plunge. When it was my turn, I was feeling jovial, maybe even a bit showy as the video below may show, and was excited to drop.

Afterwards, we grabbed some lunch and headed up to the top of the glacier covered Mt. Titlis for some beautiful views.

While writing about then bungee jump may give some insight to what I was thinking, nothing like the video below shows it:


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