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Hemmed-In Falls
Ponca Wilderness Area, Ozark Mountains, Arkansas, United States

It was just a simple day hike… something to stretch the legs. Forrest Wilder was on a road trip back to Alaska, I was kickin’ it in Arkansas.

We found a trail in a guide book that was given to us. But we couldn’t get to the trail head because the road was too much for our transportation. Shoulda brought the truck.

No matter, we found this great hike down to Hemmed-In Falls and had a blast. Check out the video for the details.

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Start High, Go Low
Grose Valley, Blue Mountains, Australia

I went to the Blue Mountains, about 2 hours west of Sydney. A guy I know had a gig with his band up there, so I caught a ride with him and saw his show Friday night, then started on the trail Saturday morning. Well, I had planned to start in the morning but I […]

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