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Winter Blue Adventure Race
Northstar-At-Tahoe, Sierra Mountains, California, United States

Adventure racing is taking on a new season: Winter! It was a ‘choose your own method of travel’ sort of race where competitors arrived with telemark skis, cross country skis, snowshoes and Airboards. Rick and I were there with Airboards, as Team Airboard, and found we were competitive with the other disciplines. There were 17 […]

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24-Hours of Adrenaline
Conyers, Georgia, United States

It was a mountain bike race like no other. Twenty-four hours of non-stop racing. The excitement kicked in immediately when I arrived. The rugged and technical eight-mile course was set in the hills and the varied terrain around Conyers, Georgia. The large sleek black trailer sporting the event logo and the many colorful tents of […]

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